Who's coming as of 05/20/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Kayran Abasali 13GS 2013 Michael Poponi
Luis Arias 13SEAS 2013
Rebecca Azenberg 13GS 2013
Maannyah (Patel) Bajpai 13GS 2013 Vikas Bajpai, Padmini Penukonda
Kenneth Bogner 13GS 2013
Spencer Capalby 13CC 2013 Amy Niedzwecki
Catherine Choi 13CC 2013
Cathi Choi 2013
Stefano Ciocca 2013
Michael Darmstadt 13GS 2013 Crissy (McConnell) Darmstadt
Michelle Diop 2013
Evan Drewry 13SEAS 2013
Nathaniel Ellis 13GS 2013
Matthew Gladstone 2013
Guy Graney 13CC 2013
Taylor Higgins 2013 Austin Viny
Howard Hong 13GS 2013
Katherine Howitt 13CC 2013
Susan Joyce 13CC 2013
Tucker Kuman 13CC 2013 Alexandra Miller
Caitlin (Dieck) Locke 13GS 2013
Kimberly Lynch 13SEAS 2013
Scarlett Macias 13GS 2013
Adam Metzger 13CC 2013
Austin Moukattaf 2013
Jacob Mundt 2013
Caitlin Munsell 13GS 2013 Gregory Rittenhouse
Jonathan Orea 13CC 2013 Lisa Pierre Louis
Tomasz Otlowski 13CC 2013
Jeffrey Patrick 13GS 2013
James Ramseur 13CC 2013 Jonathan Balsano
Leonard Robinson 13SEAS 2013 Duncan Dickerson, Alexandra (Delaney) Dickerson
Orlando Rodriguez 13CC 2013
Caroline Schimmenti 2013
Mason Silber 2013
Sarah Silverstein 2013 Ethan Bunting
Kay Sorin 13CC 2013

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