Who's coming as of 03/25/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Andrew Bronin 69CC 1969 Elaine Bronin
Steven Ditlea 69CC 1969 Nancy Stedman
Robert Friedman 69CC 1969 Louise Yelin
Andrew Gaspar 69SEAS 1969 Nina Gaspar
Sharon Hernstadt 69GS 1969
John Lewis 69CC 1969 Faith Lewis
Ta Li 69SEAS 1969
Andrei Markovits 69CC 1969
Richard Menaker 69CC 1969 Faith Ritchie
Jerry Nagler 69CC 1969 Laura (Siegel) Nagler
Michael Oberman 69CC P10 1969 Sharon Oberman
Emanuel Organek 69CC 1969
Hart Perry 69CC 1969
Richard Rapaport 69CC 1969 Brooke Kamin Rapaport
Rodman Reef 69SEAS 1969 Barbara Reef
Michael Rosenblatt 69CC 1969
Lucille Roussin 69GS 1969
Alan Silberstein 69SEAS 1969 Carol (Krongold) Silberstein
Carol (Krongold) Silberstein 69BC 1969 Alan Silberstein
Margarita Sleeper 69BC 1969 William Sleeper
William Sleeper 69CC 1969 Margarita Sleeper
Steven Valenstein 69CC 1969
Jeff Weintraub 69CC 1969 Ageliki Nicolopoulou
Eric Witkin 69CC 1969 Regina Bilotta Witkin
Richard (Wojculewski) Wyatt 69CC 1969 Rita Wyatt
Louise Yelin 1969 Robert Friedman
Lewis Zackin 69SEAS 1969 Joan Zackin
Joel Ziff 69CC 1969 ELLEN KLAPPER

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